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Job Role

Director, Licensed Q Grader, AST Trainer


North Star Coffee Roasters


Holly Bowman started working in green coffee in 2013 as a founding member of the Falcon Specialty Green Coffee Importers team. During her time there, she travelled extensively to coffee producing countries purchasing specialty grade coffee and setting up quality improvement or social projects in communities in Latin America. Hols co-founded North Star Coffee Roasters in 2013 and is now Director there working as a licensed Q Grader and AST trainer taking care of all purchasing, producer relationships and quality control procedures. She runs accredited Sensory Skills courses for coffee professionals as part of the SCA curriculum and provides consultancy services in sensory analysis, roastery quality control procedures and origin expertise.

NB: North Star is an award winning coffee roastery, Academy and coffee shop based in Leeds in the north of the UK. Established in 2013, it is a business focused on quality and ethics showcasing some of the greatest specialty grade coffees from around the world and investing in communities across the coffee lands. Offering SCA courses in Barista Skills, Sensory Skills and Brewing Skills, their experienced trainers offer a friendly and inclusive approach helping coffee professionals and enthusiasts from across the world to excel and develop their experience and knowledge.